DTU-Risø Experimental fields


Open-air Platform

Parent institution: Technical University of Denmark
Active since 2012
Active through April-August

Co-located with

  • ICOS

Fields of study

  • Climatology, Climate Change
  • Environmental sciences, Pollution
  • Terrestrial biology, Ecology

Contact Information

Nørgaard Mikkelsen, Teis
email: temi@env.dtu.dk

FACE system in DTU-Risø FACE is designed as movable octagon scaffolds (8 x 30 m2) surrounding the study plots in an agricultural field with gas-fumigation of plants by CO2. This is used for simulating future atmospheric CO2 increment in 4 out of the 8 octagons. CO2 concentrations can be individually controlled in the 4 CO2 octagons. 4 octagons are furthermore used as control. CO2 is usually added during daytime and soil temperature treatments can be manipulated with two systems: 1) Night time warming - aluminium curtains reflect IR during the night, and 2) Diel warming - heat pump technology for increasing and decreasing temperature. This method is going to be developed in the project.

The Location

Country: Denmark

Latitude: 55.68494444

Longitude: 12.08491667

Nearest town: Roskilde

Distance from neaerst town: 6 km

Relevant Research Questions

Climate change and managing effects on crops, natural ecosystems and bioenergy crops and feedbacks to the atmosphere.


We can study short- and long-term effects of climate change on crops, natural meadow ecosystem as well as bioenergy crops. We can also study feedbacks from the ecosystems back to the atmosphere. FACE systems are rare in general, but the combination with two different soil warming technologies makes this setup unique.


FACE, our capacity is 30m2 in each of 4 replicates. This number limits the capacity per season.

Experimental Capabilities

Experimental Facilities

A Phytotron

Experiments duration: Months, Decades, Years;

Experimental Aerea

Total area: 18000 m²

Short Rotation Bioenergy Coppices (SRBC) area is only partly available for local manipulation

Available area: 20000 m²

Experimental Unit Size

unit size: 30 m²

It is highly variable. 30 m2 refers to FACE system


Replicates number: 4

With respect to the FACE system

Cross-Ecosystem Manipulation

Agriculture - Forest - Meadows (dry and wet) - Salt march

Manipulation Techniques

FACE In preparation: Soil Warming

Temporary storage

  • Dark room
  • Drying oven
  • Freezer
  • Refrigerator

Available Instruments

  • Li-COR 6400 including leaf chamber
  • Wescor water potential (osmotic)
  • Stomatal conduction (Decagon, SC1)
  • Soil water content & temp (Decagon sensors)
  • Campbell CR1000 dataloggers
  • SPAD 502 (Minolta)
  • Handy PEA (Hansatech)

Electricity available on site.

Distance from Laboratory facilities


Years measured: 50


Mean Temperature: 8 °C

February Mean Temperature: 0 °C

July Mean Temperature: 16 °C


Mean Annual Speed: 4.3 m/s

Max. Annual Speed: m/s

Dominant Direction: West


Precipitation type: Both;

Total annual precipitation: 682 mm

Mean snow cover duration: 0 days

Soil Types

State Variables

Continuously Measured

  • Air humidity
  • Air temperature
  • Canopy temperature
  • Incident PAR
  • Soil temperature
  • Soil water content

Spot Measured

  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Fluorescence
  • Population densities
  • Species richness

Environmental Pressures

Variable Ecosystem Status
CO2 Agrosystem Active
Warming Agrosystem Planned
CO2 Grassland Active
Warming Grassland Planned
CO2 Shrubland Active

On site Staff and Accomodation

Peak season staff

Up to 2 people

Off season staff

No on-site staff.

Visiting personnel

No visitors allowed.

No beds on site

Showers on site

Showers on site

No laundry on site