Experimental station Domaninek

Open top chamber facility


Open-air Platform

Parent institution: Global Change Research Institute CAS
Active since 2013
Active through 6

Fields of study

  • Climatology, Climate Change
  • Soil science

Contact Information

Klem, Karel
email: klem.k@czechglobe.cz

This facility is under operation since 2012 and is used to simulate future climate conditions, especially the effects of elevated CO2 concentration, drought stress, the influence of UV radiation, nitrogen nutrition and increased temperatures in agricultural ecosystems.

The basic part of the experimental station consists of 24 chambers of hexagonal base with side length 2m and diameter of the circumscribed circle 4 m. The basic height of chamber is 2m and above this construction is build the roof with rotating lamellas that allow to control chamber ventilation and manipulate incident rainfall. The chambers are equipped with recirculation system. The number of chambers enable to study all combinations of three environmental factors (e.g. elevated CO2, drought and UV) in three replications. Inside chamber the split plots of barley/wheat and unfertilized/N fertilized are conducted.

The chambers are build from two distinct plastic materials (UV transmitting and UV blocking acrylic). The operation is fully automatic based on feedback regulation using CO2 analysers, air temperature sensors inside chamber, soil moisture sensors and rain-gauge. Three outside plots are used to analyse the chamber effect. The station is equipped with a number of instruments for physiological and morhological measurements: Gas exchange systems, fluorometers, spectroradiometers, water potential, leaf area meters etc.

The Location

Country: Czech Republic

Latitude: 49.525264

Longitude: 16.231432

Nearest town: Bystrice nad Pernstejnem

Distance from neaerst town: 3 km

Relevant Research Questions

Study of the interactions between the effects of elevated CO2 concentration, UV radiation, drought stress and N nutrition on the physiology, yield and quality of agricultural crops.


The facility enables the evaluation of the interactive effects of at least three environmental factors simultaneously (e.g. elevated CO2 concentration, drought, UV radiation). The site is closely related to analytical, metabolomic and isotopic laboratories.


The plots are relatively small to test more genotypes.

Experimental Capabilities

Experimental Facilities

10 step-in growth chambers located in Brno, including the system of modulated UV lamps (UV-B and UV-A).

Experiments duration: Months, Years;

Experimental Aerea

Total area: 190 m²

1200 including area outside chambers

Available area: 190 m²

1200 including area outside chambers

Experimental Unit Size

unit size: 7 m²


Replicates number: 3

Temporary storage

  • Drying oven
  • Freeze drier
  • Freezer
  • Refrigerator

Available Instruments

  • Gas exchange system LiCor 6800 (4)
  • Fluorometer PAM 2500
  • Spectroradiometer FieldSpec 4 HiRes
  • UV screening Dualex 4 Flav
  • Leaf area meter ADC AM 350
  • Fluorometer FluorPen FP100
  • Portable spectroradiometer SpectraPen
  • Psychrometric water and osmotic potential Wescor
  • LAI Licor 2200

Electricity available on site.

Distance from Laboratory facilities


Years measured: 30


Mean Temperature: 7.2 °C

February Mean Temperature: -1.9 °C

July Mean Temperature: 16.88 °C


Mean Annual Speed: 2.94 m/s

Max. Annual Speed: m/s

Dominant Direction: W/NW


Precipitation type: Both;

Total annual precipitation: 609 mm

Mean snow cover duration: days

Soil Types

State Variables

Continuously Measured

  • Air humidity
  • Air temperature
  • Incident PAR
  • Incident shortwave radiation
  • Soil temperature
  • Soil water content

Spot Measured

  • Fluorescence

Environmental Pressures

Variable Ecosystem Status
CO2 Agrosystem Active
Warming Agrosystem Active
Precip Agrosystem Active
UV Agrosystem Active
Airpoll Agrosystem Planned
Management - Nutrients (levels or nutrient type) Agrosystem Active

On site Staff and Accomodation

Peak season staff

Up to 1 people

Off season staff

No on-site staff.

Visiting personnel

Up to 3 visitors

Bedrooms available

Up to 4 beds

Showers on site

Showers on site

No laundry on site